Module 1

Case One – Sojourn in Jamaica – 5%

How will you prepare for the first case? You should begin by downloading it, printing it out and by highlighting the key points.

Your team will have an hour to decide on one of four options that management should consider. You will be asked to write a rationale for your decision and submit it at the end of the first hour. Your typed rationale should use concepts and keywords learned in the course. In the second hour, you will present your rationale and field questions from the teacher and other teams.

Take a quick look here to see the trade-off model and how it applied in this case. It will give you a better understanding of what happened in Jamaica. Good luck.

You are welcome to post questions or comments here.

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4 thoughts on “Case One – Sojourn in Jamaica – 5%

  1. So in our write up we will general be going from Mr./Mrs. Saltzer’s problem and walking through the customer trade off model?


    Posted by Kimberley McCullough | September 18, 2014, 11:25 am
  2. I’d say that the Saltzer’s not having a good time was a problem of their own making. They wanted to leave winter and chose Jamaica. They perhaps did not do their research before visiting a place whose culture would be different from their own.
    They wanted to leave the cold for the warmth so I don’t think this would be a sacrifice. It would actually be a benefit. They probably had the money to make the trip as well which is why they took it. The video spoke nothing of them being under a financial burden if they did so.
    Now since they are going to a new place, they’d have to know there would be a risk of not liking it. Perhaps they were closed minded and didn’t appreciate the change. If they were open, they could have easily appreciated the change especially being from America. Jamaica is not close to being as wealthy as America and even though they went to a resort, one can’t expect everything to be perfect.
    The Saltzer’s were unlucky because perhaps they went at the wrong time but the good or bad are all experiences in today’s world. Perhaps they’ll research more before undertaking their next vacation.


    Posted by Darryl Sequeira | September 21, 2015, 1:51 pm

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