Case Discussions – 35%

Case Discussions – 35%

We have chosen five cases which are well suited for in-depth discussion.
They were chosen to help you understand Guest Service Quality (Sojourn in Jamaica), Segmentation and Target Marketing (Rideau Golf and Country Club), Competitive Strategies (Empire Szechuan Restaurant), Product Life Cycle Strategies (The Lone Star Texas Grill) plus a Marketing Plan (Planning at the Westwind Resort)

The last discussion will be a team effort where each team will design a Marketing Plan for a restaurant, using a Mind Map. Each case is graded at 5% with the exception of the last case, which is worth 15% for a total of 35%

Case 1 – Sojourn in Jamaica – 5%

This is a story about the Saltzer family who decided to escape to Jamaica for a holiday. At their stay in a hotel in Montego Bay, they experienced some very poor service and decided to check out early. Management is clearly out of touch with the gap between what guests expect and what the property provides.

download Sojourn in Jamaica

Case 2 – Rideau Golf and Country Club – 5%

The manager of a high end golf club in Kingston Ontario, is facing some challenges. The senior male membership is declining, reducing revenues and threatening the future of the club. He needs to attract new markets such as families, juniors and female golfers, yet the senior members are resisting change especially when it comes to facilities that will appeal to the new markets.
The manager needs to decide on how the club should proceed; private, semi-private or public. He then needs to decide which markets to target and how he will position the club. Then he needs to build membership and a new culture at the club….or does he?

download Rideau Golf and Country Club

Case 3 – Empire Szechuan – 5%

empireThe Empire Szechuan is a restaurant which is facing challenges. Shortly after his 70 seat restaurant opened, Charlie Goa saw a drop in business. There are four other Chinese restaurants in Amherst, each with a unique selling point.
He decided to reposition the restaurant with a new menu. He built the menu around, healthy ingredients, New York style recipes, smaller portions, yet business still continued to drop. It looks like he needed to further analyse his  competition and find ways to take market share from them, in order to survive.
During this case discussion, each team will be expected to present in class, Empire Szechuan’s product form competition on a map similar to the one shown here.  Click the map for a live version, which can be printed.

download Empire Szechuan
download Empire-Szechuan Chinese version

Case 4 – The Lone Star Texas Grill – 5%

The manager of the Lone Star Texas Grill on Baseline Road sat down with his team of front line shift leaders and reviewed the latest operational reports for his well-established Tex-Mex restaurant. Sales were down from its heyday when it was for a short period, one of the most profitable restaurants per seat in Canada. Added to that, online reviews reflected a general shift in customer dissatisfaction in two areas; service and value. The manager decided to address these issues and determine what steps he could take.

download Lone Star Texas Grill Case
downlaod Lone Star Texas Grill Case Chinese Edition


Case 5 – The Westwind Resort- 15%

This case will be handled differently than the first four. In groups of five or six, you will have two hours to draw a Marketing Plan for the Westwind Resort. Its a short case and the SWOT has been done already, so you will be required to write a Mission Statement (based on the three requirements given in class), Copy in point form the given SWOT, then write four objectives (one of each type) and as many Strategies you can think of.
The plan will be in Mind Map form, so each team will have a large piece of paper, four coloured pens and of course page 199-201 in your text.

Westwind Resort rubric

download Planning for the Westwind Resort Chinese Edition


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