Course Orientation Module

Hospitality Marketing Management
Welcome to MKT2235, Hospitality Marketing Management. This is the first of two marketing courses in your program, Hotel and Restaurant Management. You need a credit in Marketing One to advance into Marketing Two in the winter.

The underlying principle of the learning in the course is called team-based learning and means that you will do much of your learning in teams of 6 or 7.
The teams will be chosen after the first week and you will begin to work together from week two on.

You will be expected to sit with your team each week. 🙂

The textbook is named Hospitality Marketing Management, by R Reid and D. Bojanic. You can download it by going to the MKT2235 Textbook on this site and following the three steps.

Course Modules
The course is divided into five modules, each with a separate learning process as shown below.

1)  You will be assigned readings for each module, with a focus on some key concepts and definitions. As you read the pages, take notes on the handout provided.

2) For each module, you will receive a short multiple choice test; one individual and the second a team test. Once the individual test (IRAT) is complete, you will do the same test in your team (TRAT) and submit your team answer card. The tests will combine for 5% for each module, a total of 25%.


Course Modules

3) Your teacher will review the answers and discuss/explain any questions your team had difficulty with. There will be exercises and games in class to help clarify key points in the module. Your participation during class will be assessed at 15%.

4) There will be five case discussions during the course. You will read the case before class, making a note of key points and you will be presented with four possible solutions to the case. Your team will choose one of the solutions and explain why you chose it, giving supporting evidence from the text book. Each of the first  four cases will be worth 5%.
The last case is worth 15% and will take up the entire class. Your team will draw a marketing plan, for the Westwind Resort case ( page 199-200 in your text).

Final Exam
The final exam is worth 25% and consist of five short answer questions, a Mission Statement question and a Marketing Plan mind map.  The case will be for a restaurant which has been in operation for a while and needs to make some planning decisions.


The exam is a take home effort and you will have 24 hours to complete it. You will not work in your teams any more. but also allowed to complete the exam in pairs. The same grade will be earned by both students.

Frequently asked questions
1) Can I make up a missed test? No
2) Will attendance count for my performance grade? Yes, since you must be present and prepared to earn participation marks
3) Can I do my final exam early if I have a flight out of town in April? No. You need to check your exam schedule before booking a flight and make sure no conflict exists.
4) Can I do my module test, if I arrive late? Sure, as long as it is being offered, however they are timed.



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