Course Participation 15%

Students are given the opportunity during class to demonstrate their unique understanding in MKT2235.  Active participation during class is expected and is assessed at 15% of total grade. Your teacher will provide you with feedback by midterm, so you understand how you have progressed.

Not every student will participate in the same way and we respect that. Here are some ways you can earn participation marks.

1 Ask a question relating to the assigned reading
2 Listen to classmates questions and points
3 Respect other peoples opinions
4 Bring completed notes on assigned readings to class
5 Answer questions on assigned readings
6 Ask a question based on MKT2235 Twitter Feed
7 Answer a question based on MKT2235 Twitter Feed
8 Be engaged in class
9 Post comments or questions on course web site pages
10 Attend class

Good luck in MKT2235.


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