How to write your team portfolio

Each team member will have a page to write on. The pages are named, Member1, Member2 etc. Follow the steps below to write your first post.

1. Log in to WordPress.
2. Under My Blogs, select the team blog.
3. Select the Dashboard
4. Under Pages and All Pages, choose any page and then edit.
5. Change the name of the page to your name.
6. Start writing your post
7. Select Update to save your work.

b.The Marketing Concept….
This page describes an event you experienced where you saw the Marketing Concept in action. The Marketing Concept is simply stated, doing whatever you can to satisfy customer needs. In class, I added the word anticipation, since that implies actually anticipating needs before the need actually occurs. My example here is a short story to a restaurant where my needs were met and anticipated.
c.An Environment Scan
This page includes five paragraphs. The Environment Scan means taking a look at the world around you and looking for trends….that’s it. The trends include Natural, Economic, Political, Technological, and Social (Human). You will write a paragraph on each with a trend in each case and the impact of that trend.
This is where you need to read a daily paper to find the trends or you can find them quickly by going to the Research button.
d.Gaps I’ve Seen
This is an easy page to write. Look at the four service gaps and see if you can come up with an example one. The reason that it is easy is, if you have ever gone on a holiday, to a bar, restaurant, a cruise, or stayed in a hotel, the chances are very good that you have experienced a gap.
My example was in a local restaurant where I experienced a Communications Gap and of course a Services Gap. Your example could be your own or one you heard about.

e.Purchases I’ve Made
All of you have made a decision to purchase something in your life that required a bit of thought or planning. If it wasn’t you, then it may have been your family. Write a story which describes the five steps in the decision-making process. Explain who influenced your decision and if you used Compensatory or Non Compensatory strategies.
f.Customers I have Observed
Have you ever seen a customer? It could have been in a bar, a restaurant on the bus, or during a holiday. Most of us have seen a customer who is experiencing a service. You do not have to speak to the customer, since most of what you write here can be learned from observation. Write a profile of the customer using the five segmentation variables as described in class, and you will understand Segmentation.
g.My Perceptual Map
This page is easy to do. First, you will rate something you have bought on a scale of one to 10. You should use any two factors, such as price, value, location, quality, convenience, facilities or even friendliness. Then rate another four similar items on the same scale. My example was Pizza. The scale I used compared Price and Quality. Then all you have to do is create a map as shown in class and describe it.

h.Beat the Competition 
Reid describes different types of competition in his text and this page requires a description of a business and the different types of businesses it competes against…that’s it. Include a comment on ways the business competes.
i.A Quick SWOT
Walk into a business and complete an analysis of its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It can be done in 30 minutes by just observing and it can be done anywhere. My SWOT was done in Pub Italia on Preston Street, which is a fine place to visit for a friendly pint and bite to eat.

j My new and improved products
In class we will describe three reactive ways to build new products and your homework will involve describing briefly a new product for each of the strategies; Defensive (where you try to counter the effects of a competitors product) Imitative, (where you will improve on an competitors product) and Responsive (where you will come up with a new product in response to customer demand.)


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