Readiness Assurance Testing (RAT)

Hello. I am a RAT

At the beginning of each Module, students will complete an individual multiple choice test. The test will be based on the assigned readings for the module.

There are two RATS; an individual test (IRAT) and a team test (TRAT). The IRAT is worth 2% and an is individual mark. The TRAT is worth 3% and is a team mark.

You will do the IRAT first and once they are handed into the teacher, each team will receive the same test (TRAT) with a scratch card, called an IF AT card.

form1) Students read the multiple-choice question and the series of answer options. They then select the rectangle (marked A, B, C, or D) corresponding to their answer choice and scratch off the thin, opaque covering. If the answer is correct, a star will appear somewhere within the rectangle, and the team will receive full credit.

2) If the team selects an incorrect answer, the rectangle below the covering will be empty. The student is instructed to re-read the question and all of the remaining options, and to try again. If the second choice is correct, a star or symbol will appear beneath the covering, and the team can earn partial credit (amount determined by the teacher).




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