Research is an important skill to  learn, that will be useful in Hospitality Marketing. You will need to write in your Portfolio about trends in Hospitality in five categories in the Environment; Political, Human, Environmental, Economic and Technological.

Subscribing to a mailing list is an easy way to collect information on trends, so try these.

1/ Hotel Chatter: This is an awesome site with news, reviews, trends and promotions. Click the register button at top of page to subscribe.
2/ Hotel News Resource is a large site which includes trends and news throughout the industry. If you register (top left of page) you can get updates by email.

The Natural Environment
Unfortunately missing from your text, the Natural Environment is one of the most volitile and unpredictable of all the environments. These trends can have a huge impact on Hospitality. Stories on environmental trends are easy to find and there are equally easy to find numbers on their impacts.The easiest way to find weather-related stories is to Google for them. Remember you need the trend and the impact of that trend, so try WEATHER IMPACT or GLOBAL WARMING IMPACT in Google. That should give you a story or two.

The Economic Environment
To find stories on the Canadian economy, probably the best source is the Globe and Mail There is a small search box below the banner on the right. Enter a search word, such as ECONOMY and click go.

The Human (Social Environment)
Human trends in Canada inlcude demographics, lifestyles, and behavioural trends. These trends dictate how consumers behave and make purchase decisions, so are important to study. Statistics Canada is the ultimate site for these trends. Keep it simple and look for the search box on the main page, then type SOCIAL TRENDS to find what you need.

The Political Environment
Changes to federal, provincial and municipal regulations often have huge impacts of the Hospitality Industry. One way to find discussion and reporting on these laws is to visit tourism industry web sites. A first stop should be the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association, select NEWS from the top menu and then ARCHIVE, to find articles relating to items like taxes, bylaws, new legislation and minimum wages in our industry.

The Technological Environment
Trends in Technology for the Hospitality Industry are easy to find. Hospitality Technology is a good start with trends for Foodservice as well as Accommodation industries. You will need to register to download reports, but it is free and quick. One other site worth visiting is Hospitality Net. Once there, go to Industry News and then Technology News.


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