WordPress Blog – 40%

WordPress Blog

Since Hospitality Marketing is a hybrid course (in class lecture plus on-line for an hour a week) this semester, you will be creating a Blog on WordPress as the hybrid component.
A Blog is a collection of images, thoughts, comments, videos that show understanding of concepts taught in Hospitality Marketing. You will be expected to write about what you have read, learned from class-mates and what you have experienced in class. You should include experience from our own life and readings that apply or connect to what you learn in class.

Each student will be expected to write one post of between 400 and 500 words for part one and three posts for part two. In addition,  you will write one comment one a classmates’ post for part one and three comments for part two.

1/ A sample blog can be seen at http://ianwmcvitty.wordpress.com/
(Reminder: Do not copy my words, ideas, or examples)

Avoiding Plagiarism

When writing your post, you will need to use your own words and ideas unless you give credit for words and ideas, which is called citing. Failure to give credit will affect your self-assessment mark, (see criteria #1)

How do you avoid it? Follow this link to examples of plagiarism, with explanations of how cite someone else’s work.

WordPress Blog Assessment

1/ Introduction Page – 10%   – Due Week 4
2/ Part One: One post and and one comment as per guidelines – Due week 6 – 10%  Download Rubric
3/ Part Two: Three posts and three comments as per guidelines – Due week 12 – 20% Download Rubric


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