Your Shape

Hospitality Marketing 1 uses team based learning as a foundation for learning. This means that you will work, study and complete tests mostly in your group.

Team members will not change throughout the semester, giving you a chance to get to understand your team-mates strengths and personality. Teams are assembled carefully based on feedback in the first class and the aim is to build teams with a balance of strengths and abilities.
This is where your shape comes in!

shapetestBased on a short survey, you will learn a little about yourself and how you will contribute with your team. Every one has either a shape or combination of shapes and your team will be made of a reasonable balance of shapes.

Take a look at the shapes shown here. Circles are people persons; squares are organised, hard workers; triangles are leaders; rectangles are explorers and squiggles are creative idea-oriented people.

Follow the link here and enter the code given in class to complete your own personality test. Share with your class mates and think about how you will contribute to your team.

Take the Psycho-geometrics  exercise now

Go to the web site here and make sure your printer is on.
1. Click “Begin Test”
2. Complete the Sign-Up Page (use your college email address)
3. Use SOHT as your FREE discount code
4. Print out your 5 page Personal Shape Report
5. Rememberer your shape and tell me in class.


One thought on “Your Shape

  1. My shape is Circle .


    Posted by Anonymous | September 14, 2015, 11:21 pm

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